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As the largest global online marketplace for audio and voice over products and services, conducts and releases insightful research reports that illuminate industry trends, emerging technologies and novel applications for voice over, around the world.

Annual Reports

Emerging Seniors Market

By as early as 2030, 1 in every 5 Americans will be over 65 years old. Learn about the rise of the senior market, including the impact it is set to have on advertising and marketing. Discover how voice over will be integrated into several key industries and form the foundation for business success.

2018 Celebrity Voice Over Trends

Learn about the top famous voices of 2018, and which vocal qualities are the most popular. Discover how to find a voice similar to your favorite celebrity by exploring these three vocal archetypes.

2018 Voice Over Trends In Marketing and Advertising

The recently released 2018 Voice Over Trends Report [Infographic], conducted by, combines the statistical insights of internal business data with the survey results from nearly 1,000 marketing and advertising professionals.

Report on the Global Voice Over Market

This 2017 report is an exploration of the state of the global voice over market, using the most recently available 2015 information.

2017 Trends Report

The 2017 Trends Report examines how advertisers, educators, and companies - big and small - are attempting to connect with their target customers across North America and beyond.

2016 Trends in Voice Over

Another year of growth is in store for the voice over space, but where will that growth come from?

2015 Ad Industry Report

The entire media industry is undergoing a significant change, and voice over is at the heart of that change.

2013 Report on the Voice Over Industry

How does the voice over marketplace look in 2013? Join's CEO, David Ciccarelli, as he looks at the current state of the voice over marketplace and more.