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Portland, Oregon, US

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  Portland, Oregon, US

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Doctor Girl Next Door Narrator Storyteller Teacher Believable Confident Conversational Corporate Friendly Genuine Knowledgeable Natural Professional Warm North American US General American (GenAm) US West Coast (California, Portland)

English (North American)
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Young Adult

Need viewers and listeners to stay engaged or your business presentation to be memorable? That's what this Aloha girl-next-door is for. Interactive projects are my specialty.

Naylene combines friendly and professional for explainer videos, business presentations or corporate projects. Her conversational style never fails to connect audiences to the heart of your message for maximum retention.

There is also an authoritative quality about her voice, since it's deep. Think of it as a whisper that commands attention. But let's face it, facts....just the facts....can get boring. So, mix the right amount of friendly with the right amount of firmly and Naylene is the right amount of presence for important no-nonsense content.

Why choose me for your project? Because with me, you're ***‘Ohana*.

ABOUT ME: Born and raised in Hawaii, Island life comes natural to me. The beach was my life. So was ***‘Ohana**, or family. **‘Ohana* sticks together, pays attention to each other, always has each other's backs. That's how I was raised - that's how I live. No question about it.

Now in Portland, Oregon, I wrote, voiced & produced radio commercials for years prior to voicing full time. I owned a small media buying company as well so I understand small & medium size markets, agency work, budgets and time constraints. Even more, I know what's needed to keep clients happy and coming back.

Whether a client or agency, studio or producer, you can be a member of my ***'Ohana**. To find out how, introduce yourself by email, phone or txt. **‘Ohana* gets kama'aina rates and wiki wiki (fast) service.

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