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Denise Douglass

Denise Douglass

Cambridge, GB

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Denise Douglass

Denise Douglass

  Cambridge, GB

Denise Douglass Commercial Demo 1 - British English, for TV & Radio Adverts, Commercial Presentations, Website, Internet, PBS, and Infomercials

Generation X Girl Next Door Housewife Mother Spokesperson Animated Believable Caring Classy Confident Conversational Friendly Informative Professional Upbeat British England - East (East Anglia, Cambridge, Hertfordshire) England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC)

English (British)
Voice Age
Young Adult

This commercial demo features a mix of voice over samples for tv promo, tv / radio advertisements / internet commercials.

Denise Douglass is a female British English voice over, available for:

Voice Categories: Radio ads, business, industrial and commercial presentations, corporate narration, explainer video, commercials, advertisements, educational (e-learning, tutorial, training video, training modules, online courses), internet, web, YouTube video, audiobooks, documentary, whiteboard animation script, mobile apps (android and iOS), audio tours, real estate, not-for-profit, charity, legal, medical, technical, podcasting, infomercials, PBS, radio, television, TV, and video games.

Vocal styles: amusing, animated, announcer, attitude, attractive, authoritative, believable, biting, British, business, calming, commercial, caring, classy, coach, cocky, concerned, confident, conversational, corporate, deadpan, deep, dependable, educational, elderly, executive, mother, folksy, fresh, friendly, funny, game show host, generation x, generation y, genuine, grandmother, girl next door, happy, hard sell, high energy, holiday, humorous, industrial, informative, interviewer, knowledgeable, medical, midlife, motivational, narrator, natural, newscaster, perky, playful, political, professional, retail, retro, relatable, reliable, romantic, sad, sarcastic, scientific, Scottish, serious, sincere, smooth, snob, soft spoken, solid, soothing, sophisticated, sportscaster, storyteller, strong, sultry, sweet, technical, thoughtful, tough, transatlantic / US American English, trustworthy, upbeat, uplifting & warm.

Age styles: young adult, 20s, 30s, middle aged, Generation X, 40s, 50s, through to mature, senior and elderly.

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