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Portland, Oregon, US

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English (British)
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Young Adult
This is the sound you want when your message needs to cut through all the others and hit your target audience. Since it's deep, my voice has an authoritative quality. Think of it as a whisper that commands attention. However, always friendly like the girl-next-door. But confident like a boss when needed. I draw in your audience with a conversational edge so they connect to the heart of your message for maximum retention.

ABOUT ME: Born and raised in Hawaii, Island life was easy going. Honestly, not a care in the world. My dad made surf boards in a shop he built next to our house. When my siblings and I got home from school, dad would stop his work and we would all pile in our VW van with the dogs and go to the beach. Pretty much everyday!

Now in Portland, Oregon, I bring my love for the islands into my voice business. I'm passionate about giving clients the same island-style carefree experience.

I wrote, voiced & produced radio commercials for years prior to voicing full time. I owned a small media buying company as well, so I understand small & medium size markets, agency work, budgets and time constraints. Even more, I know what's needed to keep clients happy and coming back.

My first goal is to make your job easier - as if you were watching a sunset on some beach in Hawaii, toes in the warm salty water and a margarita or beer (iced tea or juice box - whatever your heart desires) in your hand. Day dreaming yet? My second goal is: service so helpful it's unforgettable. It can't compete with an all-expense paid vacation in Hawaii, but I can promise you, I will take care of you the same way a guest would be. Another juice box? Comin' right up! No request is too big or small.