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Louise Saint-Claire

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Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA • 1:05 AM Local Time

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Louise Saint-Claire

Category Radio
Language English (British)
Voice Age Middle Aged (35-54)
Description Silly young woman, sexy vamp, no nonsense middle aged woman, Afrikaans lady speaking English, Swedish hooker, housewife, girl next door, rough chick, Senior citizen, old Port Elizabeth woman, myself.
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Hello. Hi. It's It's Allison here. I'm just replying to your odd Well, what can I say about myself? Um, I like a drink. I'm just replying to your ad. I think I could be what you're looking for. You said you wanted someone to do things with at night. I could be me, right? I think that's it. I've let that on. That's the message. Oh, bloody ****. Hi, Rachel. Yeah, I read you. End. Hey. Said you're looking for a girlfriend. Hang on. Maybe it was a fridge. Hello. I'm Frida. I seen Edward that you are wanting of woman for the good time. I think I'm savant who could be showing Houthis moves, moves feature turning you every which way but loose. I got to add. So I just wanted to go through a couple of things. I gather from your advert that you're mature and sophisticated, which probably means you're in old smoker. Lucas. I'm vivacious. Strawberry blonde. Yeah. Fat Ginger. Hello. Well, I've not done this before. I'm widowed. It was some time ago, actually. So I'm not really upset It all no tears or anything like that. I didn't really like him very much. Really? I'm glad he's dead. Has it? I checked out your head. Dude, you're arm in the market for a new boyfriend you want in our attic or dig it when my boyfriends come and sit on my fights. Brick patio. And, uh hello. I know. Who do you want to speak to? Hello? Break. I think every breathe that. Hi. I believe you're looking for a female. I think I'm the one you want. My name's Dewey ST Clair.