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Zach Holzman
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Zach Holzman

Portland, Oregon, US

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Zach Holzman

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Zach Holzman

  Portland, Oregon, US

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Generation Y Guy Next Door Hippie (Hippy) Spokesperson Teenager Cartoon Commanding Conversational Energetic Engaging Friendly Intellectual Laid Back Quirky Warm US General American (GenAm) US West Coast (California, Portland)

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult

1. An engaging man slyly talks about the benefits of this healthy food bar.
2. This friendly teenager wants to tell you about a father's day sale.
3. This funny cartoon dog is so excited to tell you about a new car!
4. An intellectual, professional man talking about the new big tech product.
5. A generation y slacker talks about his favorite adult activity: ordering pizza.
6. A conversational, guy next door talks about the simple things in life, and beer.
7. A warm, informative spokesperson tells the listener about the company's great environmental policies.
8. A commanding, energetic toy commercial that will get children excited!

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