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Joe Konkle Demos

Fort Wayne, Indiana, US

Fantasy Demo Reel

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult (18-35)
Dragon - I know where you are, *sniff* I can smell your fear
Human captin - I lost my company due to your inability to command troops. I am done, I fight for you no longer.
Tresure Goblin - * laughs* You want to find the tresure dont you? *laughs*
Goliath - Uhhh, My brain smarts aren't really as good as you guys, I just wanna smash thing.
Ovikus Lumus( a Character from my D&D Campagin. An old human wizard.) - Friends, I don't believe you are strong enough yet. Train more, for your own safety
Orc Warlord - one must make sacrifices for the herd, you useless whelp.
Treacherous lich - *painful breath* You want power? You want the world bend a knee? I can give you all of those things.
Eastern monk - I find my strength in my allies, Where do you find yours?
Elf - I stand with my people, and we stand against you. Tell you're men to lay down there arms. There is no need for blood shed.