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Fort Wayne, Indiana, US
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Joe Konkle

Joe Konkle

  Fort Wayne, Indiana, US

Fantasy Demo Reel

Characters Elf Goblin Monster Wizard Aged Aggressive Angry Demonic Exotic Gravelly Guttural Low Pitched Sad Tough British Eastern European England - London (Cockney, Estuary, East End)

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult

Dragon - I know where you are, *sniff* I can smell your fear
Human captin - I lost my company due to your inability to command troops. I am done, I fight for you no longer.
Tresure Goblin - * laughs* You want to find the tresure dont you? *laughs*
Goliath - Uhhh, My brain smarts aren't really as good as you guys, I just wanna smash thing.
Ovikus Lumus( a Character from my D&D Campagin. An old human wizard.) - Friends, I don't believe you are strong enough yet. Train more, for your own safety
Orc Warlord - one must make sacrifices for the herd, you useless whelp.
Treacherous lich - *painful breath* You want power? You want the world bend a knee? I can give you all of those things.
Eastern monk - I find my strength in my allies, Where do you find yours?
Elf - I stand with my people, and we stand against you. Tell you're men to lay down there arms. There is no need for blood shed.

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