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Gene Gates Demos

Raleigh, North Carolina, US

compilation reel | radio commercial | web video | e-learning | explainer video

English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged (35-54)
Here is a short compilation of Starbucks, Corner Bakery Cafe and a few others.

VOICE STYLES GENE DELIVERS: authentic, personable, rich, warm, friendly, bright, approachable, guy next door, dad, hip dad, accessible, genuine, caring, deep, trustworthy, believable, knowledgeable, intelligent, scientist, doctor, hero, helpful, natural, sincere, authoritative, reassuring, endearing, likable, relatable, casual, fun, nurturing, attentive, compassionate, comforting, softspoken, concerned, patient, sympathetic, tired, confessional, credible, professional, business, coach, instructor, educational, executive, boss, business, corporate, radio, host/interviewer, reporter, spokesperson, political, judge, lawyer, professor, teacher, therapist, high strung, impatient, uptight, sophisticated, classy, luxurious, velvety, posh, upper class, aristocrat, yuppie, diva, hipster, fashion designer, intellectual, inquisitive, detective, informative, announcer, presenter, interviewer, newscaster, TV host, DJ, articulate, medical, technical, scientific, smart, interesting, proud, brave, narrator, serious, authoritative, strong, bossy, condescending, know it all, persuasive, hard sell, salesperson, motivational speaker, retail, urgent, sarcastic, snarky, Generation X, aloof, skeptical, awkward, confused, defeated, exhausted, worried, sad, engaging, attractive, charismatic, playful, cute, hip, cool, fresh, bold, expressive, lyrical, enthusiastic, dynamic, energetic, excited, smooth, phone operator, soft sell, shy, slow paced, laid back, hippie, relaxed, sheepish, passive, confident, mature, midlife, chef, grandmother, straightforward, conversational, calm, happy, cheerful, smiling, holiday, tourist, bubbly, amusing, funny, witty, camp, Valley girl, game show host, humorous, child-like, innocent, easygoing, upbeat, motivational, inspirational, uplifting, educated, elegant, mysterious, flirt, confidential, romantic, enchanting,soothing, storyteller, youthful, aspiring artist, perky, chipper, animated, cheerleader, buddy, blue collar, cowboy, cartoon, characters, imaging, movie trailer. ⭐

Need a great FEMALE voice, too? Check out his famous wife’s profile on voices.com: Julie Gates. Gene & Julie are a great team if you need a male-female duo for your project. They have great timing and chemistry and have worked together for many years without killing each other... yet. :) ⭐

Learn more at (Website hidden). ⭐

SCOPE OF WORK: White Board Videos, Animation Videos, Explainer Videos, Phone Messaging, Podcasts, Apps, Mobile Apps (IOS and Android), Web Videos, Radio Commercials, Television Commercials, e-Learning, Narration, Promos, Training Videos, How-To Tutorials, IVR System Recordings, IVR Prompts, Phone Messaging, Phone Recordings, On Hold Message or Messaging, Phone Greetings, Telephony Projects, Documentary, Announcer, Radio Imaging, Radio Production, Radio Promos, Corporate Narration, Online Interactive Training, Children's Audio Books, Children's Apps, Instruction Videos, Training Videos, Business Videos, Educational Videos, Educational Apps, Educational Scripts, Medical Commercials, Medical Videos, Medical Instruction, Medical Commercials, Medical Narration, Pharmaceutical Commercials, Pharmaceutical Videos, Healthcare Videos, Healthcare Narration, Technical Narration, Business Narration, Business Videos, Business PowerPoint, Business Instruction, Legal Narration, Legal Videos, How To Videos, Internet Videos, Internet Commercials, Facebook Ads, Instruction Videos, Training Videos, TV Projects, Tutorial, Direct Response Ad (DR), Video Sales Letters (VSL), GPS Recordings, Talking Toy, Political Ads, Automotive, Industrials, Audio Books, White Board Animation, Tutorial, ELearning, Corporate Film, Documentary, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Voice Assistant, Voice Recognition, Voice Computing, Voice Technology, Text to Speech, Voice Driven Computing, Video Games, Cartoons, Movie Trailers, YouTube Videos, Kickstarter Videos, Crowdfunding Videos, Non-Profit.