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Ed Kelly

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Detroit, Michigan, US • 3:09 PM Local Time

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Ed Kelly

Category Business
Language English (North American)
Voice Age Senior (55+)
Description I have been the main talent for a Comedy Syndication Company called American Comedy Network, now United Stations Media's \"Universal Comedy Network\" division. The service provides morning radio in major markets with Fake Commercials, Parody songs, sketch comedy and custom station imaging as well. I have done work for Howard Stern, the late Don Imus, Rick Dees, Lamont Hollywood at KSAN, JJ and Joanne Purtan and literally thousands of stations as far away as New Zealand and Australia. This impression has gotten better as I go, (and this is from 2018) as most of them do.
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you know I am Game of Thrones. Season eight. I like to sincerely apologize. So how disappointing IBM. I know. For seven seasons I've built up your expectations to a point where you were confident in getting on Lee the best storytelling from us. All I've done is made the smart characters dumb, the noble ones, weak and heroic cactus evil. Sorry about that. But hey, we have dragons. You love dragons, right? That reminds me. I also regret that you don't know dragons as much as we thought. Oh, yeah. And I'm sorry about the lack of nudity this season apologetically. Yours. Game of Thrones, Season eight.