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Ed Kelly Demos

Studio City, California, US

Internet Demo

Internet Video
English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged (35-54)
Versatility is my hallmark. I am able to do several different voices for a project. While my own delivery, often described as \"Buttery, honest, authoritative, etc.\" is my bread and butter, I am able to \"punch up\" a flat page so that it pops when thrown against picture. Web vids and Elearning are a staple. A successful commercial, trailer or business video, when done well, is much like a trusted friend or advisor, whispering in your ear. In other words, advertising is word of mouth that you control.
I’ve already proven I can “move people to action” via (Website hidden) times when you’ve said to someone, “You’ve got to see this new movie...” or “There's a wonderful new restaurant you should try...” ...and, on your recommendation, they saw that movie or checked out that restaurant? I’ve proven I can do that by making a living at it, vocally for many years. Here are some of my Voice Acting styles. North American, Narrator, Conversational, US General American (GenAm), Announcer, Authentic, British, Storyteller
Friendly Canadian Business Man Confident Australian Characters and Impressions, (At least a hundred) Believable, US West Coast (Valley Speak) Approachable US African American (Yes, growing up in the Detroit market I have done Urban accounts for years, from Eddie Murphy to Lou Rawls like, and very authentic. I even did the Soul Train Lottery in Washington D.C. for an Urban agency) Teacher Engaging Spanish (Same accent as Ricardo Montalban or Chicano like Cheech Marin) By throwing off projection and cadence I am Everyman, Articulate, US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes, I look at Lake St. Clair out the studio window) Authoritative (I am the voice for middle eastern radio station 102.3 CINAfm) Arabic Alpha Male Professional German Spokesperson (Much On Cam experience as well) Animated Spanish Energetic England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC) Motivational Speaker Informative, US New York (New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn, Hey I lived out east!) Presenter VOG (Voice of God) Corporate (Many Co-Ed scripts for the Big 3 here in Detroit, Mexican, Action Star, (Adam West for example) Calm (They tell me my voice is \"buttery yet thunderous,\" French (The Canadian School system taught us for years. The accent is welded in my head) Guy Next Door Educational, US South West (Texas) Executive Casual, US Mid-Atlantic, Inspirational (I have worked with Elevation Worship and other faith based organization. I have a very biblical read) Italian (And I sing like Dean Martin) Doctor (officious) Attractive (I can \"warm it up\" believe me.) Instructor (Without sounding pedantic, Enthusiastic, Millennial (I've done Oxy spots as a teenage V.O. and it was a National) Amusing, Buddy, Deep Newscaster (Even famous ones) Charismatic Phone Operator, IVR, Caring Soldier (Gomer Pyle if you like) Aggressive Student Aged (I do \"wise\" very well) Teenager Natural (I take out all the \"cut\" and gut, in other words zero projection) Salesperson, Dynamic Father Excited Host/Interviewer Calming Demonstrator Genuine
Upbeat Athlete, (I hear jocks all the time) Knowledgeable Commanding, Happy, Bold Comforting, Narrator Emotional (I am a trained dramatic actor with several major films to my credit on IMDB) Attitude (Hellz yeah!) Abrupt, Cool (In spades) Intelligent (While I am not a Mensa candidate, I play one quite often) Serious, Athletic, Classy (I have class out the a**!) Warm (One of my best) Concerned, Blue Collar, Attentive, Bubbly, Efusive, Sincere (I mean once you learn to fake THAT...) Trustworthy, Mature, Easygoing, Booming Movie Trailer (One of my best) Strong, Edgy (I put the Ed in \"Edgy!\") Funny (I've been the main voice talent for both the American Comedy Network and Universal Comedy Network in NYC for three decades.) Gritty, Helpful, Manly/Masculine, High Energy, Intellectual, Sophisticated, Youthful, Angry, Cartoon (I did 5 voices opposite Ron Perlman in \"The Littlest Angel.,\" Gravelly, (I do Sam Elliot) Brave, Aloof Mysterious (I'm an International Man of Mystery, baby, yes I do Austin Powers) Relatable, Smooth, Thoughtful, Enchanting, (I do great Children's books) Cute, Hip, Endearing, Playful, Professorial, Relaxed, Annoying, Heroic, Personable, Soothing, Child-like, Rugged, Straightforward, Antagonistic (Great for Political Ads) Softspoken, Urban/Street, Cocky, Fast Paced (For years I was called \"The Fastest tag in town.\") Uplifting, Chipper