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Washington, District of Columbia, US

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Jyl Woolfolk


Radio PSAs

Announcer Executive Generation X Mother Storyteller Attractive Deep Informative Motivational Smooth Softspoken Sophisticated Sultry Uplifting Warm Trans-Atlantic US General American (GenAm) US New York (New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)

Voice Age
Young Adult

PSA for tobacco and smoking cessation. Packaged as a smooth, warm skin care ad narration with soft whispers of subliminal \"quit smoking\" messaging underlying the main audio.

Additional delivery styles in my PSA reads include:

Attitude, Authoritative, Believable, Biting, Booming, Child, Classy, Cocky, Conversational, Extreme, Friendly, Funny, Game Show Host, Generation X, Genuine, Girl Next Door, Happy, Hard Sell, High Energy, Hip Hop, Holiday, Humorous, Imaging, Informative, Interviewer, Kid Next Door, Mature, Movie Trailer, Natural, New York New Jersey, Newscaster, Pompous, Raspy, Retail, Retro, Romantic, Sincere, Smooth, Softspoken, Sophisticated, Strong, Sultry, Sweet, Tough,Uplifting,Warm

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