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Kabir Singh Demos

Los Angeles, California, US

Commercial: African American, Urban, College, Raw, Conversational

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult
Kabir Singh’s Commercial Voice Over Demo displays an African American and Poetic quality. The Voice of Millennials. Cool. Urban. A College Sound. Having been the voice of The Kansas City Chiefs, Credit Karma, Nintendo Switch, T-Mobile Customer Service and numerous other national advertising campaigns, KabirsVoice is real and authentic.

Connecting to diverse audiences, generations and crossing all racial divides, Kabir is relatable and approachable. Always professional his approach to delivering your specific call to action and narrative. A masterful vocal enthusiast and performer.

Kabir Singh is confident & real. Motivating, poetic and urban commercial voice for high school graduates, college students and adults. Inspirational mentoring voice for university students.

Cool | Hip | Real | Conversational | College Sounding | Ethnic | Confident | Passionate

Poetic, raw, real, urban, college sound, millennial, commercial, 20 something, African American, gritty, university sound, athlete, high school, passionate, student, college sounding, college male voice, sexy, mature, relaxed, pepsi, nintendo, under armour, non profit.