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    Hip Hop Voices

    Hip hop is a musical genre that closely coincides with rap, though rap is merely the vocal component, while hip hop is the broader subculture. Hip hop is an urban music genre, with strong African-American and Hispanic-American roots. It is characterised by an upbeat, fast paced format, sampled beats, a bass line and fast, intense vocals. Hip hop is a broad category that includes many subgenres, and has influenced other genres that have grown out of it.

    The hip hop song vocals usually consist of chanted speech, in a rhythmic, rhyming pattern, known as rapping. Rapping is usually fast paced, maintains a flow, and is clear in most subgenres, with a notable exception in mumble rap. Rapping is passionate, and the lyrics may be a reflection or commentary on the local culture of the singer, a recounting of lived experiences or a venting of the struggles in the singer’s heart or mind. Rapping may be influenced by the subgenre, affiliation and the regional accents of singers.

    Hip hop has numerous subgenres that have grown over time, and there are numerous artists in each genre, with their own different styles. The largest of the genres of each decade are Old and New School hip hop between 1979-1986, Golden Age hip hop, which saw the popularisation of hip hop and the creation of new forms of rap between 1986-1997, the Blind era of 1997-2006, which had created even more subgenres, the Blog Era of 2006-2014, which saw the creation of Snap music, with an example of a musician here being Soulja Boy, who influenced the later developments from 2014-present day, with trap and mumble rap being some of the newest subgenres of the hip hop subculture. Listening to the top artists from each era can help you understand the influences of hip hop and the general culture in the realm of hip hop. With study and practice, you can drop bars, singing a hip hop song in a skillful manner.