Broadcast License Renewals

How do license renewals work for clients?

With our License Management Center, which lives in client accounts, clients can manage and renew licenses directly on the Voices platform. For clients, this means no more keeping track of renewals manually or worrying about missed deadlines. Our intuitive system allows clients to streamline their workflow, which in turn makes it simple and easy for talent to receive passive income on license renewals.

How do clients know when licenses are due for renewal?

Clients have the ability to renew licenses from their past jobs (going back to 2019) and for any jobs going forward. The License Management Center in client accounts lays out all of the licenses clients currently have or have had and their respective expiry dates. Clients also receive an email notification 30 days before a license is due to renew with a reminder the day before.

How do license renewals work for talent?

License renewals built into our platform means the potential for increased income opportunities for talent. As soon as a client sends a request to you to renew a license, you’ll get a system email from us and the request will also appear to you in your messages asking you to quote on that license renewal. Your experience from there will be identical to that of quoting for an additional payment request from a client with all quoting and editing of the quote built right into the messaging hub.

Keep in mind that not all licenses will need renewing - it will depend on the needs of the particular client and whether they need to continue to use the work.

Talent have no action to take around renewing licenses other than simply quoting when the client requests a renewal from you. 

Can a client renew more than one license with talent at one time?

Yes. If more than one of the licenses the client has with you comes up for renewal at the same time, you may receive a request for a quote on more than one license at once. Simply ensure your quote encompasses the amount necessary to adequately cover the terms of all the licenses together.

How do I quote on a license renewal?

The amount you quote on a license renewal should take into account the terms of the license just as you would when quoting on a broadcast voice over job (is it a television, radio, or online ad - is it regional or national, what is the length of the license, etc.) Some talent might wish to quote more than the original job if the campaign has been particularly successful. Or, if the client wishes to negotiate, that’s entirely up to you - you could take into account the long-term relationship with the client and factor that into how you quote.  

How am I paid for a license renewal?

The Job Agreement following client payment on a renewal will be auto-accepted because there are no files needed from you and no new terms to agree to.

As soon as you send your quote, and the client accepts it by completing the payment process, the agreement is considered in place. Your payment from SurePayTM will be auto-released 14 days (or manually anytime earlier) from the day the funds are deposited by the client. With successful payment of your quote, the client will be granted license(s), which will begin on the client-specified start date. 

What should I do if a client doesn’t renew a license for my work when the license is due?

Keep in mind that the client may not need to renew the license if they’re not going to continue to use the work. We’re simply providing the option for the client to renew easily if they need to.

Clients receive email notifications from us 30 days in advance of the renewal date and on the day before. If the client needs a renewal, you can expect to see a request for a license renewal quote in your inbox. Again, it’s not a guarantee that the client will need a renewal.

No action is required from you until clients initiate a request. If you have a concern that your work is being used and the license has not been renewed, you can reach out to [email protected] for assistance. 


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