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How do I purchase a project?
Packages and add-ons
Placing the order
When will I be charged?

How Do I Purchase a Project?

The Project Marketplace is an ecommerce store for people to browse and buy projects listed by voice actors, audio producers, musicians and translators. Projects are predefined packages of work at set prices with guaranteed delivery times. 

You can easily access the Project Marketplace by using the main navigation at the top of your screen. Select the Find Talent dropdown and click on Project Marketplace. You will see many categories and popular searches to choose from. You can also select the Browse Projects button to see an overview of the projects. 

If you’re looking for a specific type of project, you can use the search bar at the top of the screen. Switch the dropdown to "Projects" and use keywords to find the projects you are looking for. The resulting page will show a variety of projects that meet the criteria. You can filter further by using the criteria on the left side of the screen. You can filter by service, budget or delivery time.

If you have a specific talent in mind, you can visit their profile and see what projects they have available. 

Packages and Add Ons

You can customize projects with both add-ons and/or packages. Please keep in mind that not all projects are offer packages. Packages are only available with some non-broadcast projects.

There are three packages available:

  • Essential: this is the basic package, typically at the lowest price point. 
  • Enhanced: this is the middle-level offering, it will have additional offerings beyond the Essential package for a slightly higher cost. 
  • Elite: this is the highest level package and will offer additional features that the other two don’t. 
Packages are not available for broadcast jobs. With broadcast jobs, you will input the usage rather than a package. This will adjust the cost and scope.

Add ons are additional services that you can purchase for a set cost. You do not have to upgrade your package to receive.

Placing the Order

After selecting your project and inputting your payment details, you will be asked to complete the final requirements before completing the order. These are a few questions and uploads that are necessary for the talent to begin work. 

After that, simply sit back and wait for the talent to deliver your final files within the predetermined timeline. You will be notified of the completed files via email.

When Will I Be Charged?

You will be asked for your payment details when going through the checkout process however, you will not actually be charged until the talent accepts your agreement. 

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