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Who is the Community Forum for?

Optimized for our Talent community with content for all our creative service categories.


How do I log into the Voices Community Forum?

Through your Voices login credentials. Your username and password for Voices are your same credentials for the Community Forum.

You cannot change your Voices username or password on the Community Forum. You can change these details by logging into your Voices profile. You can access your Voices profile by clicking on your name on the forum.

Where can I access the Community Forum?

From the Help section in our top navigation bar and the Blog top navigation bar.

You can also head over to the Forum through its URL:


How do I change my username on the Forum?

Your Voices username and your Forum username are the same. This also applies to your email address. 

To change your username:

  • head over to Voices
  • Hover over your Me dropdown in the top right corner
  • Select Edit Profile
  • Unde Profile Link you’ll see Username

Remember, you can only change your username once. If you require further help contact [email protected].


Can I change my Forum profile picture?

Yes. Unlike your username, password and email address that must be the same as your Voices credentials you can have a different Forum profile picture than your Voices profile picture. 


To change your profile picture on the Forum:

  • Hover over your profile icon in the top right corner of the Forum
  • Select Edit Profile
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, select Change My Picture
  • Select Upload New Picture
  • Choose a .jpg file from your computer
  • Select Upload New Picture to finalize 

You can also remove a Forum profile picture by selecting Upload New Picture/Remove Picture


I logged out on the forum and it logged me out of Voices

Yes. Logging out of one also logs you out of the other.


Do I have two profiles? A Voices profile and a Community Forum profile?

No. You only have one profile: your Voices profile.

How do I access the gated rooms? 

Some content is for our subscribed members - those who have a paid Premium or Platinum membership. Once upgraded, you’ll also be able to access this content through your same login credentials. 

If you’re having trouble accessing gated rooms after your upgrade, log out then log back in.


I just upgraded, why can’t I see the gated room?

Log out and log back in.


Who runs the Voices Community Forum?

Voices runs our Forum and our Community Manager, Andrew Zuber, is our moderator. Get to know Andrew here


What badges can I earn on the Forum?

Forum users can earn badges for participation, including the number of answers, comments, up-votes, and interactions on their posts

List of Voices Community Forum badges


Who can see Voices Community Forum comments?

Comments and content are public. Adding comments is reserved for Voices members - those with a Voices profile.


Are there Guidelines for the Forum?

Yes, you can check those out here.


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