How to Close Your Account on Voices or Delete Your Data

To close an account, talent users can use the Close Account button in their Account Settings located in the Me dropdown menu at the top right of the page when logged in.

If you are a Guest member with no history of payment (membership purchases or receipt of payment via SurePay) your account is set to 'Deleted' in the Voices database. This renders your account as accessible and spoils your email (in case you want to sign up again using the same address).

If you are a Premium member or a Guest with payment history then a Support case is made in Salesforce for follow-up to cancel any active memberships and set 'Deleted' once jobs or payments in flight have been resolved.

If you are a deleted Guest member who did not request deletion/anonymization of your information at the time of your initial account deletion you would be unable to login to your account and would have to reach out to Support via call or email to request it.

In either case deletion of user data (financial transaction data excepted) is manual and must be requested via the Voices Support team at [email protected]. Upon your instruction, Voices will remove all User Generated Content and delete any User information or related details within ninety (90) days of the date of instruction from the User. Voices will maintain any financial transaction information pertinent to the User and regarding the provision of Services on the Site, if any, in compliance with government taxation regulations.


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