In order to stop all email notifications, you will need to select "unsubscribe" on one of the emails we send you. Please be aware that doing so will shut off all automated emails from our server, including those regarding awarded jobs.


Opting Out Of Daily Tip Emails

At registration, we send new users a series of emails outlining the features provided via your account. This is sent out over a period of 5 days.

If you wish to opt out of these emails, please use the opt out function that should be at the bottom of one of said emails. Just click on the unsubscribe link.


Opting Back In

When you would like to turn them on again, please give us a call or email support at Voices requesting to be opted back in.

Reducing Notifications From Jobs Within Specific Budget Ranges

Alternatively, you can un-check your budget range preferences and you will no longer be sent job posting email notifications. You will still receive all other server notifications, such as when you are awarded a job. Private jobs postings will override budget range limitations.

To update your notification settings, navigate to your Profile thumbnail at the top-right and click “Account Preferences.” Clear the checkmark from any budget range for which you no longer require notification and click “Save Changes.”

Alternatively, login now to update your email notification preferences.

Receiving Email Notifications For Jobs That Do Not Match Your Email Preferences

There are two possible reasons for your email notification settings to be overridden:

  1. Fixed price postings

  2. Private invitations

About Fixed Price Postings

Was the price a single number rather than a range? For example, $150 rather than $100 - $250?

If so, the job was created using a Fixed Price. All clients have the ability to specify a fixed price rather than selecting a predefined budget range. Since fixed rate jobs do not fall within our predetermined budgets, the current budget filters you have set up will not filter these jobs out. When you do not see a ranged figure like $250 - $500, it's a fixed price job. If you are not interested in the project, please just delete the email and job from your Hiring list.


All senders of messages must be registered for a Voices account. This means that spam created by Internet spam bots is not likely to occur.

In order to be considered spam, a message would not relate to voice over requests or information for voice over talent (e.g. social networking opportunities).

If a message you receive relates to voice overs, this message is not considered spam and we recommend that you just delete the message if you are not interested.

Reporting Spam

If you receive a message that appears to be spam and does not relate to voice overs, report it so that we can investigate further.

Any reports of spam should be sent to [email protected] and an email case will be created on your behalf.

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