Should I correct obvious grammatical errors in a client's script?

Editing Scripts on Job Postings

Voices does not edit submitted scripts for grammar or spelling which means that talent are bound to eventually encounter a script or two that may be very awkward to read (if indeed they can be read at all!)

Broadly, there tend to be two or three common responses to awkward or a grammatical constructions in job posting scripts. Many talent will simply forge ahead and record as written, some will attempt to correct, and a third group will read as written or attempt to correct, but will also offer copy-editing or copy-writing as an additional service in their proposal.  

There are risks and challenges to each approach. If you leave it 'as is', a client may misconstrue their errors as yours but they may also appreciate your ability to stick to a script 'as written'.  

On the other hand, corrections are often appreciated (especially by non-native speakers) but the possibility that conspicuous editing might cause offence is also real (offence that might be made worse by an offer to copy-edit in a proposal).   

There is no easy answer for choosing the best approach. It will depend at least in part upon how well you can read awkward material in the former case and how subtly you are able to correct in the latter.

Over the years Customer Support has looked in on postings with very awkward scripts fully expecting to hear corrected takes, only to hear 10 talent in a row belt out a professional-sounding but completely nonsensical take!

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