What are some alternative methods of file delivery

Delivering Digital Audio Files

If for some reason you are unable to upload files through the Voices SurePay service, then alternative file delivery methods may be used. Release of a SurePay deposit is not dependent on a file being uploaded to the project and a client may authorize the release of payment independently. Voices is aware that sometimes uploading through the Voices website is not the best method of getting your recorded files to your client.

Voices will allow you to upload individual files up to 1GB in size however files in .wav or other uncompressed file formats may take a lot longer to upload to our server.

Sending Large Files (Bigger than 1GB)

If you're uploading rather large files in alternate file formats you may want to consider an FTP service such as YouSendIt or Box.com.

There are many other FTP services online and we suggest using a search engine to conduct some research to find the best one for you.

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