Why do I need to provide my full mailing address in my account for payments?

Sending Payments To Your Mailing Address

The reason we request that you enter this information directly into your account is because on occasion, different staff members may be managing payouts and it's easier to have the information in the system we use to issue the payouts rather than trying to locate the information elsewhere. This helps to avoid any payment issues that could arise because we assume we have the right information on hand versus the most up-to-date information as reflected directly in your Voices.com account.
The only people who have access to your address would be Voices.com staff internally and any client who makes a payment for your services through SurePay Escrow as this is displayed on the payment information, just like you can see the client's details if you view one of your payments within your account. At no time is your address provided to anyone else nor is it visible on your Voices.com website.

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