Can a client use my audition without my permission?

Recording The Script as Part of Your Audition

When you receive an invitation to audition for a voice over job, a client will, in most cases, include their script. You have two options when replying to the job posting: 
  1. Record a snippet of the script as a custom demo. The client only needs about 30-60 seconds to make a decision on your voice and abilities. 
  2. Send a generic demo and hope for the best.
If a script has been provided with the job posting most clients do prefer a custom read. They understand that you need to protect your work and valuable time and expect to receive only a short sample of their script. They know your custom read is just an audition and not the completed work. 
If the script is small to begin with, some talent introduce modifications such as changing the script slightly or adding subtle sounds to the recording to render the submission useless without being recorded again. Some talent simply read less of a script but as it is written to give a better first impression to the client. We leave this to your judgment.
Here are some other factors for you to consider regarding custom auditions:
  • The script is property of the client (or, if not the same person, the copyright owner whose job is being posted by the client) and is protected under copyright law.  
  • You cannot legally use custom auditions recorded from someone else's copyrighted script as spots on your voice-over demo or for any purpose other than the audition in question itself without consent from the copyright owner.

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