Job Agreements

What Is a Job Agreement?

The job agreement is where you and the talent agree to the final terms of your project, including delivery date, rate, and final deliverables. A job agreement can also be specific to additional work and the corresponding additional payment for that work.
Immediately on making a deposit, you will be redirected to the Job Agreements page where you will be asked to complete the terms of your project, including the due date, final details, and any additional direction or related documentation (e.g. NDAs, talent release forms etc.) that might be needed. If you have navigated away from the site without completing your Job Agreement you can quickly return to it by clicking Payments > Held in SurePayTM, and then Requires Agreement.

As soon your Job Agreement has been submitted, the talent you are working with is notified that a deposit has been made and is invited to accept your Job Agreement and start working on your project. 

Your deposit is held by Voices. Payment can be issued to talent by clicking 'Release Funds' on the platform; otherwise, payment will be automatically released 14 days after the delivery date (i.e. Project Deadline) set in the agreement. 

Can I Submit More Than One Job Agreement on a Job?

Yes. If you are hiring more than one talent on a job, then each talent will have their own Original Agreement. If an Additional Agreement is required as part of an Additional Payment for work like revisions, then one can be created by Adding a Payment via the Payment or Job Agreements tab of the job you are working. However, each talent can only have one Original Agreement and any changes once that agreement has been accepted will have to be handled by our Customer Support team. Reach out to them at su[email protected] with your job number for additional assistance.

How Do I Ask for an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

If you are purchasing a project from the Project Marketplace, you can add your NDA as an attached file in the Final Requirements. The talent may get back to you with questions if the NDA is complex. 

If you are posting a Self Service job and will require an NDA from talent, you will need to state directly in the job description that the talent selected will need to sign an NDA for your job. 

Once you have filled out your job posting details please save it as a Draft and then contact us so that we can review the job and remove it from Google-Indexing before posting it live.

Create your job posting with enough information to allow talent to bid with some accuracy (word count or read time, region(s), usage) but worded in such a way that no proprietary details are disclosed. To reduce visibility, you can send out private invitations to your job to a smaller number of talent, instead of public invitations. 

Once you have received responses and hired talent, you will be taken to a payment confirmation page. Once payment has been received, you will then be asked to create a Job Agreement. It is at this stage that you can upload any necessary documents for the talent to review and approve prior to begin working, including an NDA. Once the talent has accepted the Job Agreement, they can re-upload the signed NDA for your records, which you can access from the Files tab of the job you are working.

Engaging Managed Services

If you'd like the Voices team to be responsible for acquiring the necessary signatures and/or provide you with our own Non-Disclosure Agreement, signed by the CEO, we'd be happy to do so.

When discussing a Professional Service job posting with your Account Manager, simply indicate that an NDA will be needed when describing job requirements.

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