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 How Are Ratings And Reviews Used On Voices?

Feedback in the form of ratings and reviews is an essential part of the Voices marketplace. It’s where businesses and professional talent can rate their experience after working with each other on a job. 

The ratings and review system at Voices allows you to see who's rated you, your overall experience rating score, and any written reviews left for you.

The feedback you leave will be public on Voices and is not moderated by Voices.

When Will I Be Prompted To Leave A Rating And Review?

The option to leave feedback is made available to both clients and talent after the job’s funds have been released from the SurePay™ payment protection service, i.e., paid to the talent. At this stage, the job has been completed and final files have been delivered so it’s the perfect time to leave and a rating and review.

What Are Ratings and Reviews Composed Of On Voices?

Ratings and reviews are made up of three components:

  1. Five-star rating

  2. Compliment (optional)

  3. Written review (optional)


What Are Compliments? 

If clients choose an overall star rating of 3-5 stars, they have the option of giving a compliment to the talent they worked with. The compliments will be aggregated and used to generate an overall tally to highlight what the talent excels in. These compliments are added to the talent’s profile and can be reviewed by other clients when considering inviting or hiring the talent to a job. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Ratings And Review System?

  • All Ratings and Reviews are associated with a business transaction between a talent and a client who worked together at Voices.

  • Recognizes people who work professionally and consistently.

  • Quickly identifies talent who are hired frequently for their abilities.

  • Signifies the professionalism of a talent and dedication to pursuing their craft online.

  • Acknowledges that work is procured and completed at Voices.

How Do I Leave A Rating And Review For Someone I’ve Worked With?

 Go to the Review section of your profile by doing the following:

  1. To the right of the top navigation bar hover over the ‘Me’ avatar and select ‘Reviews' from the dropdown.

  2. You’ll be taken to your Review page. Here you’ll see ‘Pending Reviews,’ which will be listed by Talent Name and include the Job Number and Job Title.

  3. Select the ‘Leave a Review’ button beside the Talent you’d like to leave a review for and complete the steps on screen.

Where Can I See Reviews Left About Me?

  1. To the right of the top navigation bar hover over the ‘Me’ avatar and select ‘Reviews’ from the dropdown.

  2. You’ll be taken to your Review page where you’ll be presented with: 

    • Pending Reviews 

    • My Reviews - Received and Given

I Disagree With A Review That Has Been Left For Me. What Can I Do?

A review represents the opinion of a user and because of this Voices does not edit the ratings or written reviews, or investigate them for accuracy.

If you have an issue with the rating or comment left for you in a review on Voices, please contact the person who left you the review to voice your concerns.

If the other party agrees to revise their rating or written review, the other party will need to contact Customer Support and request their review to be changed.

Once we receive this request, Voices will modify the rating and review.

If you cannot resolve this with the client you worked with, and you feel you have received feedback that violates the Voices Terms of Service, please contact Customer Support. 


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