How do I describe my voice and what words should I use?

Describing Your Voice

When it comes to describing your voice, there are several factors that come into play, both creative and technical.

Writing a concise description of your voice is a challenge, but can be very fulfilling and fun. To get started, here are some ideas:
  1. Listen to a recording of your natural voice
  2. Describe the sonic quality of your voice and voice type
  3. Ask a coach, your family or your friends for their opinion
  4. Make a list of descriptive words that best reflect your voice.
  5. Think of what your voice inspires people to do.
  6. Consult a thesaurus and find colourful words to avoid using common terms such as deep, high, funny, and so on. This will definitely set you apart.
For example, your description may go something like this:

Witty, vivacious and warm, the voice of (insert your name) is perfect for television commercials, telephone applications, and narrating children’s programming. The graceful and subtle persuasion of his / her voice will gently and happily woo customers into purchasing your product.

Use your golden ears, some striking adjectives and the formula above to help you write your description.  Follow this recipe, and you'll have a description of your voice that you can be proud of.

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