Do I have to submit a custom read when I audition?

Deciding If You Should Submit a Custom Audition

The simple answer is no. Not all clients will state if they are looking for a custom read or if a previously produced demo reel is acceptable. In general, if a script or script sample has been provided you should try to submit a custom recording of at least a portion of it where possible.

That said, not all talent have the ability to record a custom read for each and every audition. If you are not submitting a custom demo then you want to make sure that the demo you are sending matches the type of read the client is looking for. This means you should send a telephone messaging sample if auditioning for a telephony project. If it's a commercial project send an audio clip that would satisfy this need.

In your proposal you can make the offer of recording a custom clip if contacted.

We'd like to think that all clients who use Voices are trustworthy but it only takes one to ruin it for everyone else. We don't want any of our members to be taken advantage of. If you are recording a custom read, protect your recording by submitting only a portion of the provided material.

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