Do I need a picture of myself to promote my voice?

Promoting Yourself With A Photo

Do you have a photo or a graphical image that represents you as a voice actor?

A commonly held belief is that photographs can actually become a hindrance to voice actors because their Voices and voice acting abilities may not sound exactly as their outward appearance or physique might suggest.

This is voice acting, right? The beauty of voice acting is that your voice can morph, allowing you to take on a variety of roles based upon the sound of your voice that you might not otherwise land on-camera.

For example, a talent may have a large, booming, and muscular voice perfect for voice-overs related to sports, but they may not have the physical appearance to match. Most talent believe that it is better to remain visually anonymous, opting to either create a logo that best reflects their voice or not uploading an image at all.
Voices does recommend uploading an image that best represents you and your services. You do not have to upload a personal image. Many voice talent upload images of their microphone, studio equipment, logo or create an avatar to represent them visually.

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