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Starting With the Free Voices Guest Membership

Our free Voices Guest membership tier is ideal for aspiring and established freelance creative talent looking to establish a presence, promote their skills, and be discovered on the Voices marketplace.

With a Voices Guest membership you can:

  • be seen and heard by thousands of clients; create a profile and upload demos to show off your skills;
  • receive private invitations to jobs from clients who find you while searching the Voices website or visiting your profile, and;
  • have peace of mind knowing that your pay is held safely with SurePay until work is completed, letting you focus on delivering quality voice over and booking more work instead of chasing payment.

However, having a Voices Guest membership doesn’t allow you to proactively audition to public jobs. The main benefit of working on Voices is to audition for jobs and for that you’ll need a paid Voices Premium membership. It’s like having access to a database of job postings versus hoping a client discovers your profile. It’s better to be actively responding to job opportunities than to wait for an employer to reach out.

In addition to being able to audition for the daily job posting, Voices Premium members unlock a ton of additional Voices features and benefits, which you can learn more about here.

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