Requesting Edits and Approving Files

How Do I Request a Revision to the Files Delivered by Talent? 

If, on review of files uploaded to your Self Service job posting, you find that they will require a revision, you can simply click on the Request Revision button associated with the file. A messaging box will pop up that will allow you to explain to talent what changes you'd like made. After you've clicked Send, the talent will receive an email notification that a revision has been requested.

If, for some reason, you cannot contact the talent to request the edit, please let us know so that we can contact the talent on your behalf. Email [email protected] for assistance and indicate the Job ID number.

Managed Service Jobs

If you have received files on your Managed Service job posting and find that they will require a revision, please reach out to your Account Manager or Project Administrator to request the correction. Your Account Manager's contact details are always available in the information tile shown on to right side of your job posting.

How Do I Make an Additional Payment for the Revision?

Self Service Jobs

Depending on your job, it may be necessary for you to make an additional payment to talent. Reasons for an additional payment could include:

  • Revisions not included in the talent's original quote, as outlined in the talent's revision policy
  • Scope changes such as additional that are outside of the original job description 
  • Changes to usage agreed upon in the original job description
  • Renewal of usage originally agreed upon between client and talent 

In these situations, talent will typically inform you via Messages that an additional payment is required to complete the revisions or do the additional work you’ve requested.

You can add a payment via the Payment or Job Agreements job-level tabs. Once a payment has been added, you will be required to follow the onscreen prompts to create a new agreement. This new agreement, and the original one, can be reviewed via the Job Agreements job-level tab.

Managed Service Jobs

If you need to make an additional payment on a Managed Service job, please contact and work directly with your Voices Account Manager. They will instruct you on how to proceed with payment and what steps you will need to take. 


What Happens When I Approve the Files Delivered by Talent? 

When you accept a file by clicking Approve File an email is sent to the talent advising them that you've approved their file.

Once you have approved all files, in order to release payment you will need to go to the Payments tab of your job and click the Release Payment button.

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