How do I reduce the file size of my MP3 file?

Reducing The File Size of Your MP3

For the purposes of uploading a demo to your profile or to audition for a project, the recommended settings for an MP3 file are a bitrate of 128kbps and a sample rate of 44.1 kHz. Using these settings, an audio clip of about 60 seconds in length will be approximately 1MB in size.

If your file was recorded at a higher bitrate (i.e., 192kbps or 256kbps) the file size will be comparatively large. You can reduce the size of such an MP3 file by Importing it into your audio recording software and then Exporting it again using the recommended bitrate (128kbps) and sample rate (44.1 kHz). Be aware that while files can be recorded or exported at bitrates less than 128kbps, quality will suffer.  

Please keep in mind that this information has been provided as a courtesy and we are unable to provide support assistance for outside software.

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