How do I reply to a job posting?

Replying To Jobs on

  1. You can jump directly to a job posting from an email notification by clicking the Reply to Job button or navigate there by clicking on Jobs > Hiring and then on the job title, in your account.
  2. This will bring you to the page that fully describes the project requirements, script, budget range and deadline. If this project interests you, click on Reply To Job
  3. So long as the job status is still Hiring, you will land on the audition page after clicking Reply to Job to submit your proposal, quote, and audition demo.
Remember, you can only submit once to a job posting. Do not reply to the job until you are ready to send them your audition demo.

Writing a Proposal

At minimum your Proposal should greet client (by name if a Contact has been provided in the About section of the job), thank them for the opportunity to audition and provide a basic introduction of yourself, your experience and your services.

Here is a sample proposal that you could use and personalize:
Hello (Client Name), 
Thank you for reviewing my audition submission. I've had over X years of experience recording (type of recording). Some of my past (type of recording) clients include Company 1, Company 2 and Company 3. 
I'd be interested in working with you on your project because (state particular reason) and I can have your recording done in less than 24 hours. 
If you are also interested in working with me, please click the Hire button to get started. 
Warmest regards, 
(Your Name)
PS. If you don't feel I'm right for this project but may be right for future projects you can add me to your Favorites and reach out to me later!

Quoting on the Job

You must submit a quote when auditioning. Whenever possible provide a quote within the client's budget range. Try not to quote less than their minimum budget.

If you quote more than the client's budget provide the reason why in your proposal. If the deadline is tight it is understandable that you would charge a premium for your time. Likewise, depending on the requested method of delivery, your rate may increase, for example studio booking fees or shipping fees.

As an example, if you would like to receive $200 for the job enter 200 into the Your Fee field and the 20% SurePay escrow fee will be added on top of your fee which covers credit card processing, file delivery, mediation and dispute resolution services if needed.

To be clear, you will always receive the amount you quote and the SurePay fee is charged to the client, not to you.

Submitting an Audition File

A demo must be included with your audition. You can send either a custom demo which you've recorded specifically for the job OR an MP3 that you have already uploaded to your profile. You cannot send both.

Recording a Custom Audition

If there is a script with the job posting it is recommended that you record a custom audition using a portion of the script provided. To upload a custom demo, click on the Browse button to locate the file on your computer hard drive. You will receive a confirmation that your audition was submitted successfully once you have clicked on Send Audition to conclude the auditioning process.

Sending a Stock or Generic Demo as the Audition

If there is no script attachment or sample script provided within the job posting you can submit a demo that you have previously uploaded to your Profile demo page. Select one of your demos from the Existing MP3 option. This will give you a drop down menu of all the files uploaded to your profile.

Click on the file that you would like to audition with, and then click
Send Audition to conclude the auditioning process.

A copy of your audition will be recorded in your Answered jobs area for future reference.

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