How do I send files to my client through Voices? What file types are accepted?

Sending Files Through Voices

If you have been awarded a job through a Voices job posting, you will be uploading your recorded files directly to the Files tab for the Job within your Voices account. 
  • From within the job posting, click the Files tab.
  • At the top, either click the +Add Files button at the upper-left or drag and drop your selected files in the blue upload section. 
  • If you should need to remove any files from this section before uploading them, click the delete button at the right.
  • When you are satisfied with the files you have queued click Upload. Your files will move one by one from the blue upload section at the top to the white section at the bottom as they are uploaded.
Once you have successfully uploaded your file(s) don't forget to click Request Approval to alert the client that there is new material available for review.

With the exception executables (.exe) and a handful of other potentially dangerous filetypes, any file type (MP3, WAV, AIFF, etc.) can be uploaded. There is an effective file size limit of 2GB per file, which is typically plenty of room for you to upload files for your client. Your client can then visit their own Voices account to download and review the file(s). The Files tab has a built-in Request Edit and an Approve File function for ease of use.

Note: If you have clicked into the Files tab and the + Add Files button does not appear, check the Agreements tab for the job. The Files tab remains locked until the job Agreement has been accepted.

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