I've received a payment but need more information, how do I contact the client?

Contacting Your Client After Booking A Job

If you have received notification that a job has been awarded and payment has been deposited for you via Voices.com, you can contact the client to ask questions both prior to accepting the payment and after accepting the payment.

Once a payment is received by Voices.com, the contact details of the client are made available to you via the Agreements tab of the job. Navigate to Jobs > Awarded, click on the job number and then the Agreements tab to review the details of the payment and any job requirements entered by the client. Should you require any clarification before clicking Accept Agreement to formally accept the job, use the contact information provided to reach out to your client.

If for client has not created an Agreement yet, you may also access the payment details by going to Payments > Held in Escrow and clicking on the client's name. 

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