Is this a field were I can expect to have a lasting career?

Building a Lasting Career

The voice over field is competitive, and so demands complete dedication if the intention is to have a successful career as a professional. Random moonlighting will not pay your bills, get you a job with Disney, or improve your skills to the level required - and expected - by clients that employ professional actors. 
That being said, if you work hard and make voice overs your sole career focus, it is possible to have a lasting career with exciting job opportunities and a steady income. 
When considering going pro, it's a good idea to keep your avenues open. Options include getting an agent, joining a union, and marketing yourself. The Voices blog has many articles about growing your voice over business which are a fantastic resource for those looking to find out more about any one of those strategies.
For a comprehensive guide on how to succeed in voice-overs, purchase "Voice Acting For Dummies." This book, available in paperback and electronic copies, will give you all of the pointers that you need to get started and blossom both as a professional voice talent and as a business person. 

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