Releasing Funds

Releasing Funds to Talent

In order for talent to be paid you must authorize the release of the payment being held by Voices. We've provided a button within your job that accomplishes this task. Once you're happy with the final files you've received, go ahead and click 'Release Funds.'

To authorize Voices to disburse payment to the talent please do the following:

  1. Log in to your Voices account

  2. From Payments in the top menu go to the Held in SurePayTM.

  3. Click the Release Funds button in the relevant job. The button will then disappear and a release date will be documented.

If funds have not been released manually, funds are set to automatically release 14 days after the delivery date set in the job agreement. Payments are issued to talent by Voices every Friday based on when we receive authorization from you.

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