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Can I Preview My Response File Before Sending It?

Can a Client Use My Response File Without My Permission?

Can My Files Be Downloaded From My Profile or My Response?

Does Voices Filter Responses When They Are Submitted To Clients?

I Attached the Wrong Response File! How Can I Send Another Response?

Why Hasn't My Response Been Listened To or Viewed?

Why Isn't There A Response Rating or Feedback System?


Can I Preview My Response File Before Sending It?   

Yes, you can preview your response file before sending it to the client.  

After completing your proposal, inputting your revision policy, entering your quote, and uploading your response file, click the 'Preview' button directly beside 'Submit Response', just below the Response File section.

Click play to listen to the file you have uploaded. You're also able to view your proposal, which will open for you automatically.

After double checking that everything is as it should be, click the blue 'Submit Response' button to submit your response to the client.

Can a Client Use My Response File Without My Permission?   

No. Clients understand that you need to protect your work and valuable time and expect to receive only a short audition to demonstrate your skill. Record a snippet of the script as your audition. The client only needs about 15-20 seconds to make a decision on your voice and abilities.

Keep in mind that the script, project creative brief, or any other job details are the property of the client (or, if the end client is not the same person as the job poster, then it belongs to the copyright owner whose job is being posted) and is protected under copyright law.  

Can My Files Be Downloaded From My Profile or Response Submissions?   

Clients with a Voices Plus or Voices Enterprise plan are able to download responses on any job they have posted. Response files are never to be used for commercial purposes, but for demonstration purposes only. Clients with the ability to download responses are prompted with a reminder of our terms of service upon downloading a response file, and they are bound to the terms of service.

Voices offers the download option to provide clients who post jobs with a way of taking their findings to the hiring decision maker. Often the person reviewing responses is responsible for shortlisting and then they take the shortlist to someone else for final approval.

Does Voices Filter Responses When They Are Submitted to Clients?                                                           

In general terms, Voices does not do any filtering of response submissions. When you submit your response to a client they have full access to all that you have provided. They can download your response file if they are Voices Plus or Enterprise subscribers (note: they will see the name of the file you are submitting when downloading it).
When they receive your response it appears in a Responses view in their account. They have the ability to send you a direct message, hide your response, add you to a shortlist, or hire you by awarding the job and making immediate payment for your services.

I Attached the Wrong File - How Do I Send Another Response File?   

If you have accidentally attached the wrong response file, you can simply replace the file by following these steps:

  1. Click Jobs > Answered.
  2. Click the job to which the wrong response file was submitted.
  3. Make sure that you are in the My Response tab and click the 'Edit Response' button.
  4. Scroll to the bottom to the Response File section and click ‘Replace Current File.’
  5. Once the new file is selected, or your file upload is complete, click ‘Update & Send.’

Smart Responding Tips:

  • Ensure you have the correct file attached by using the Preview Response File feature.
  • Ensure you've only included a portion of your work as a response file.
  • If a client’s request seems odd, reach out to us at [email protected] for help or advice.

Why Hasn't My Response Been Listened To or Viewed?   

All clients review responses at their own pace. Some will listen to each one, but there are numerous reasons why your response may go unreviewed, including:

  1. The client may not have started reviewing submissions.
  2. The client may not have reviewed ALL submissions at this time and is still going through the reviewing process.
  3. The client may have listened to a number of submissions and already made a hiring decision. At this point, they would not be likely to review additional submissions.
  4. The client may have fulfilled their hiring needs elsewhere and will not review further submissions. Clients in this situation are encouraged to mark their job as Completed or Cancelled so that talent are made aware that the job will not be moving forward.

Why Isn't There a Response Rating or Feedback System?

The main reason we do not allow clients to rate responses is because ratings should only be given by people who have actually done business with you.
Some clients do show their appreciation for your response by adding your demo to their Favorites list to reference for future work opportunities.
The ultimate feedback you can receive from a client is booking the job.



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