Accepting Agreements


When a job is Awarded the terms of the job are set forth in the Agreements tab.

To review the payment and terms for a job you've been awarded, please do the following:

  1. Visit Voices and Login.
  2. Navigate to Jobs > Awarded.
  3. In this section you should see the job(s) you have received a payment for. Click on the title or job number to access the job.
  4. Go to the Agreements tab or click the green, View Agreements button at the right.
  5. Please review the Project Deadline, Payment Terms and Amount, Usage (for Music and Voice Over), and Script Length (for Voice Over).
  6. Click either Accept Agreement or Decline Agreement.
  7. Once you accept the payment the job is placed in Working mode and you can upload files through the Files tab.


Each job is built upon a Job Agreement. This agreement outlines what both the client and talent expect and agree to when working together. If an additional payment is added to a job, an additional agreement is created and is then added to the original, or first, Job Agreement, created for the job.

Agreements are made up of several common elements, including:

Client and Talent Contact Information

Necessary contact information is displayed from both parties (you and the client), so you'll know who is offering you the contract and where they are located.

Total Project Amount

This includes the amount the talent will be paid, including the payment for the original job as well as any additional payments added to it. 

Job Agreement Details

This includes the Milestone # (specific to each payment, original or additional), the job or additional payment title (Description) , the Project Deadline, as well as the Amount of each payment (original or additional).

Agreement Status

Indicates whether or not the agreement is pending (i.e. sent by the client to the talent and awaiting the talent’s approval) or approved (i.e. approved by both parties).

Job Agreement Terms

The terms outline the nitty-gritty details of the agreement, including: when the agreement was submitted (i.e. sent to the talent for review), the project deadline (i.e when the talent must have all work completed and uploaded), the project overview, the service and skill, usage (for Voice Over and Music jobs), final script length (for Voice Over jobs), payment terms, and schedule (i.e. when the talent will begin and complete work).

Notes for Talent

This is an optional section for the client to provide talent with additional information to successfully complete the job (e.g. file format, artistic direction, or any other crucial details).

Files for Talent

This is an optional section for the client to upload any files for the talent to reference or review in order to complete the job (i.e. NDAs, talent release forms, additional direction and references etc.).


You have the option of declining an awarded job by clicking the “Decline Agreement” button in the Agreements tab. The “Decline Agreement” button creates a case for the Support team who then reach out to you to find out more details.

You may need to decline an agreement payment for any number of reasons. Often the issue is that the payment amount may need to be updated due to changes in script length or usage. Or that you may need to withdraw as your availability has changed since auditioning.

Once Voices has obtained any necessary information we are happy to help negotiate a mutually acceptable Agreement or arrange for your withdrawal from the project.

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