How Does The Messaging Feature Work?   

You can communicate with clients online at Voices by using our internal messaging system located within your account. Initial communication can only be started by a client through a response to their job posting.

The messages you send and receive will be archived for you in your account. The storage of these messages serves a number of purposes that benefit you, including:

  1. Record of correspondence.

  2. Conveniently stored messages for reference.

  3. Proof of correspondence, if arbitration should become an issue.

As always, we encourage you to keep your conversations with clients polite, direct, and relevant to the project at hand.

The list of messages in your Inbox will be organized with most recently received messages on top. New messages are indicated with a dot. If you've read a message, there will be no dot.

From the Inbox, simply tap the subject line to see the full message. On the message details screen, you can see:

  • The sender

  • The date the message was sent

  • The entire message by scrolling up and down the screen

  • The option to "Reply" to the message

  • The option to “Mark As Unread" so you can go back later

Contacting the Client After Booking a Job

If you have received notification that a job has been awarded and payment has been deposited for you via Voices, you can contact the client to ask questions, both prior to accepting the payment, and after accepting the payment. The best way to do this is through the Voices messaging feature on the platform.

When the client submits their agreement, "Messages" appear as a tab on the job, and you are able to have a conversation before starting work to ensure all the details are clear. This same feature will be there for the duration of the job to keep your conversations in one place.

Can I Access My Messages Through the App?

You can access all your previous messages and reply through your Voices Inbox via the Voices app on your Android or iOS device.

Other Resources

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