What is Voices Verified?


Voices Verified is Voices’s talent verification program. It’s built to verify the identity, expertise, and standing of eligible talent members. 


In order to be eligible for Voices Verified, talent must be Premium or Platinum members, and fulfil the following criteria under three different categories:
  1. Identity
    • The talent’s Voices account and profile name must match their payment information or an official government document
    • The talent’s email address must have been authenticated by Voices
    • The talent’s mobile phone number must match the mobile phone number in the talent’s contact information provided to Voices 
  2. Community
    • The talent must be a member in good standing with an active Premium or Platinum membership
  3. Expertise
    • The talent must have been hired more than 100 times. 
If a talent downgrades to a Guest membership, they will no longer be eligible for Voices Verified. However, if a talent was Premium or Platinum previously, and upgrades from Guest to Premium or Platinum again, they will be eligible for Voices Verified, should they meet all of the aforementioned criteria. 

Talent who are ineligible for Voices Verified because they fail to meet the Community requirements must become a member in good standing (i.e. not violate Voices T.O.S., Community or Content Guidelines) for at least one year before becoming re-eligible for verification. 


When eligible, talent are reviewed in order of most hires to fewest hires. Depending on the backlog of qualified talent, review times vary between 1 week and 1 month.

Voices Verified cannot be purchased, and talent cannot pay to be reviewed more quickly or before other talent in the review queue. 

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