What do the icons mean in my Jobs list?

Understanding What The Icons Mean

The job icons beside the job name are a simple way to know which of you auditions have been reviewed by the client without having to click through each job. Job icons also identify which jobs are Private and Featured.


In the Hiring tab, you may see a 'padlock' icon, which indicates that the job is Private and that you were privately invited to it.

You may also encounter Featured jobs, identified by a purple Featured label. Featured jobs mean that the client is looking for top talent to audition quickly.


In the Answered tab, the icons beside each job name will identify which auditions were Listened to (headphones) and which have been Liked (thumbs up). The Feedback icon (speech bubble) will identify auditions that have received client feedback.

Auditions that have yet to be reviewed will not have an icon.


If you are viewing jobs in your Deleted tab, you may also notice a microphone icon. This indicates jobs for which you have auditioned for. This icon serves to identify deleted jobs that you have auditioned for, and differentiate them from jobs that you deleted from your Hiring tab without replying to them.

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