Why are the links in my job notification emails not active?

Clicking On Links In Email Messages

By default, when we send out a job notification email, HTML coding is in place so that you have either a button or a link you can click on to be taken directly to the audition screen for that job. There are a couple of possible reasons why the Reply to Job link might not be active.

First, check your notification email for a message indicating that content has been blocked. Many email providers will block HTML coding and live links in an attempt to protect their users, even if the email is coming from a valid source like Voices. Look for a banner or alert message near the top of the email. Typically, the message will advise that content has been blocked and offer options for unblocking it. For example, in Hotmail suspect messages are flagged in red with "Be Careful!" or yellow with "Parts of this message have been blocked for your safety" and a link to "Show Content." To prevent having to "Show Content" repeatedly, an option to mark as "Safe" or "Trust the Sender" may also be available. 

If you have configured your Inbox to show content in Voices emails but the Reply to Job button or link still does not appear, you may want to check with your email provider or check your Internet security software to see if they are preventing these from appearing, especially if your security includes plug-ins for browsers or email clients.

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