Why are URLs and contact details hidden in my proposals?

Understanding Why Contact Details Are Hidden

In August of 2012, Voices.com gave all members 90 days notice that we would be putting our new Terms of Service into effect, specifically that we would not be displaying links, telephone numbers and email addresses in audition proposals. Voices.com implemented the no outside URL policy in proposals along with direct contact information as explained in the original article outlining the changes to our Terms of Service. 

Clients have the ability to contact you through the internal messaging system at Voices.com by clicking the Ask a Question link beside your audition, making the disclosure of personal contact information unnecessary. 

If you wish to direct clients to more demo samples in your proposals they can click the View Profile button that accompanies your audition Proposal in order to be taken to your profile at Voices.com which should have a wide variety of demos for them to review. 
Our goal is to have jobs posted at Voices.com completed at Voices.com. This also provides a safer way to conduct business at our site, guaranteeing talent payment for the work they provide and guaranteeing clients satisfaction for the work they receive. 
It is our belief that our members will be better served by this decision and experience even greater success at Voices.com.

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