Why did I get a job email for a job that does not match my budget preferences?

Receiving Email Notifications For Jobs That Do Not Match Your Email Preferences

There are two possible reasons for your email notification settings to be overridden: fixed price postings and private invitations. 

Was the price a single number rather than a range? For example, $150 rather than $100 - $250? 

If so, the job was created using a Fixed Price. All clients have the ability to specify a fixed price rather than selecting a predefined budget range. Since fixed rate jobs do not fall within our predetermined budgets, the current budget filters you have set up will not filter these jobs out.
When you do not see a ranged figure like $250 - $500, it's a fixed price job. If you are not interested in the project, please just delete the email and job from your Hiring list.

If you do not see a fixed price, you may have been invited to the job privately. Private jobs (or Public jobs to which you are invited to respond to specifically by the client) will similarly override your notification settings. Private jobs are indicated as such in the subject of the email notification and are marked with a padlock icon in your Hiring list. 


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