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Why is my information looking outdated in the iOS app compared to the website?

Updating the App If you are viewing the Jobs, Messages or Payments sections of the iOS app and the information seems old or out of date you can re...

Why can't I release funds using my Manager account?

Multi-user accounts allow organizations to invite other members of their team to access to their client account.Access for these sub-accoun...

How do I delete a Review I left for someone else?

Deleting A Review You are not able to delete or edit a Review once it has been submitted.In order to have a Review removed from an account or edited,...

How do I leave a Review for someone I've worked with via SurePay?

Rating and Reviewing A review can only be left once a payment has been released.   To rate and review someone you've worked with via the SurePay...

Will a Platform Fee be charged on Union jobs?

Simply put, no. Producers will pay a job posting fee whereas talent agents will pay a subscription much like freelance talent are accustomed to payin...

How can I pay for a union job posting?

Payment by credit card or PayPal is due at the time of posting for all union jobs. Invoicing is available upon request and is subject to approval. To ...

What is a Posting Fee?

Posting Fee A posting fee is a charge incurred to post a union project.  Posting fees are not applicable to non-union work (posting a non-union proje...

What is a Premium Language?

Premium Languages When working with an Account Manager, a project management fee will apply to your project.  That project management fee is composed...

What is a Project Management fee?

Project Management Fee The project management fee is a fee for end-to-end management of your project by a account manager.  This includes ...

What is the Platform Fee?

Platform Fee (formerly SurePay Fee) The platform fee is a fee charged to access the global talent pool, algorithmic talent-to-project matc...

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Will a Platform Fee be charged on Union jobs?

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