How Much Should I Charge?

How much do I charge for a voice-over job?

Quoting on Voice Over Jobs

As is a marketplace, each talent has the right to set their own rates.  You have complete control and freedom to charge whatever you want for your services.  

If you're unsure of where to start, you can reference the Rate Sheet.  The rate sheet is simply a starting place and provides a guideline for your own prices on a category-by-category basis.  It's also the pricing guide that we refer clients to when they are posting their jobs.  For that reason, you'll notice that there are ranges for the prices, rather than set prices.  We only do that so that the prices for each category match up with the available budget ranges on the job posting form.

From time to time we do update the rate sheet to reflect the "market rates" or "going rates" for a given type of project.  So, if you'd like to comment on the rate sheet or provide suggestions for how we can improve the pricing structure, you're encouraged to send us an email.

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