How Much Money Does a Voice Actor Make
Beginner's Guide to Voice Acting

For beginner voice actors, the two most common questions are ‘How do I become a voice over artist?’ and ‘How much does a voice actor make?’

A voice actor’s salary varies greatly from person-to-person and from year-to-year. It is also important to keep in mind that voice actors get paid on a per-job basis.

Some jobs may pay more because of the efforts required in that one specific project.

Voice Over Salaries for Different Voice Over Jobs

As a newcomer in the industry, you’ll have to understand the different voice over salaries to expect from different types of voice over jobs.

Each voice over project involves a different kind of voice acting role and market distribution, which directly determines the amount of money you’ll make from the project.

For instance, most clients who post non-broadcast work, such as audiobook jobs, pay according to the script’s word count. For example, a project with a word count of 4,500 - 6,000 words has a suggested budget range of $750 to $999.

However, if you’re part of a broadcast voice over project, you’ll be paid according to the market distribution and usage of the voice over.

For example, a 2-minute voice over for a 13 week, local TV commercial has a suggested budget of approximately $500 - $749. If a broadcast voice over projects involves bigger market distribution, you will be paid at a higher rate, because of the size of the project and its audience.

To get a better idea of how much money a particular voice over job will earn you, see’s suggested voice over rates. Note: These figures are just suggestions. Voice over jobs may be posted for more or less than the suggested rates.

Professional vs. Beginning Voice Actor Salaries

The ceiling of your voice actor salary, or what you can make in the voice over industry, is extremely high, but such success only comes with hard work and experience.

To give you some perspective, a top voice actor like Nancy Cartwright, who voices several characters on the TV show, The Simpsons, makes $400,000 per episode.

As a beginner, you have to be realistic about your starting voice over salary, because you clearly lack industry experience. However, you can make a reasonable amount while working from home and setting your schedule, as long as you’re proactive about setting your voice actor salary.

Setting Your Voice Actor Salary

As a voice actor, your voice is your business. You are, essentially, an entrepreneur, and as such, you need to think of your income as a business owner.

This means that what your business makes, and the voice actor salary you earn, will be a result of making more money than your operating costs and expenses.

What this can boil down to is ensuring that you are quoting properly for voice over jobs that you’re auditioning for. Your quote should always take into account all the valuable time and resources you’ll be putting into it.

Your voice actor salary will steadily increase as you gather more experience and projects. Compared to when you’re starting out, once you’ve established yourself as an in-demand ‘pro,’ you can expect to quote higher rates.

This article on Setting Your Voice Actor Salary takes a deep dive into calculating your expenses, and thus, can help you ensure your quotes are on point too.

Finding Voice Over Work
Accessing the Global Marketplace

To have a good voice actor salary, you will need to find voice acting jobs that suit your voice over qualities. is a great place to start your voice acting career. Our global marketplace is filled with amazing voice over jobs, with more and more voice acting opportunities being added every second. The clients who’ve posted jobs on our marketplace include companies like Hulu, Microsoft and GoDaddy, reflecting the range of diverse voice over projects you will see on

Standing Out As a Voice Actor

Once you’re signed up on our platform, you should start thinking about ways of making yourself stand out as a voice actor. This includes describing your voice over style on your profile, and recording great demos that highlight your unique voice over qualities and capabilities. Learn to create a great voice actor profile.

Some voice over styles result in voice actors landing more jobs. View the top voice over styles to see which styles are currently in high-demand.

Managing Voice Acting Auditions

As a beginner, even the thought of managing multiple voice acting auditions might scare you.

If you clearly follow the proper steps of setting your voice over salary expectations, and creating a great voice actor profile with demos, you should be able to tackle auditions too. Learn how to quote for voice over projects during the audition process and manage project payments.

Quoting for Voice Over Projects

Through, voice actors create their own quotes and set their own rates. You’ll never be required to bid for work at a rate below what you feel is fair for the job.

While it’s true that having control over the ability to assert the monetary value of your work is a powerful asset, you should also take your time to understand the industry trends and rates to get a good idea of how much your time and efforts are worth.

Voice Over Payments

As a registered voice acting talent on, you won’t ever have to worry about doing unpaid jobs, because our SurePay™ service ensures that all voice actors receive payment for every project they complete.

SurePay helps you worry less about getting paid, so you can focus more on delivering the highest quality of voice over work, resulting in great client reviews that help you stand out in the marketplace.

You can easily view all your project earnings under the Payment section in your account.