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Nydia Monarrez

Chicago, Illinois

Graphics and Subtitles

Graphics and subtitles of a 14 video series

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C Veronica Rodriguez Lopez

Not Yet Rated

Chicago, Illinois

Kishwaukee College

Client provided script in English and I did the translation in Spanish.

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Kelokedami Kelokedami

Not Yet Rated

Chicago, Illinois

The translate the most good

I am e translater and good in my wock i am happy to be wock with you guys

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Find Professional Freelance Translators Near Chicago

Many people and businesses need to hire a translator in Chicago but don’t know how to go about it. Hiring freelance translators is a great way to elevate your brand.

There are translation services in Chicago, but you might not get what you want from a big firm. In that case, finding a professional freelance translator on Voices can help you.

All About Freelance Translators Near Chicago

There are different online platforms to help you find freelancers for every idea, but only Voices has a global community of professional translators for your project. When you post your job, thousands of translators will see it. They can respond to your listing, or you can invite them to the project personally.

Types of Freelance Translators Near Chicago

Talented freelance translators include native speakers, foreign language students, and top professionals in international fields. All of them bring unique knowledge and experience to the task. After hiring a freelance translator, you’ll never use artificial intelligence to translate another document.

What to Consider When Hiring a Freelance Translator Near Chicago

When you are looking for a freelance translator near Chicago, think of your specific needs. Set your budget, as well as the turnaround time. Posting on Voices guarantees you’ll get quality responses, sometimes within minutes of posting your job.

You can hire talent within days and have the final documents just hours after that. Using a freelancer speeds up your timeline because you don’t have all of the paperwork of going through a large agency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can hire translators with native or near-native skills in any language. While many websites offer built-in translations, they’re not always completely correct. Artificial intelligence can not craft sentences with the same nuance that a human can. Hiring a person to translate work also ensures that they are culturally sensitive and will ensure native speakers understand your message. They will understand the specialized terminology you use for your services and convey the meaning properly.

First, determine what you need. If you have a few documents to translate, you can find a freelancer to do the work.The best way to hire a translator is here on Voices. Post a job and get matched with talent skilled with the dialect your project needs. Check their qualifications before committing to them. Someone bilingual is not necessarily a qualified translator; they need to understand the language deeply, not just speak it. Education level and native language can also help you identify qualified translators. When you post a job, your matches will contact you with quotes. Or, you can browse numerous translators and contact your favorites about their prices. If you already have a price in mind, give them a quote and see if they accept it. While many translators have set rates, you can discuss specific payments in a private chat with freelancers before you decide to hire them.

Cost varies according to the language you’re looking to translate as well as the service you need. Other translators may have a set price per source word. That means you will pay a set fee to have them translate a 1,000-word document instead of depending on an hourly rate. With Voices, you can select your budget or a price range so translators know what you are paying before they accept the job. You only pay after you hire someone and they complete the job satisfactorily.