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Charlotte Furlow

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Dallas, Texas


Translation sample about myself.

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Emmanuel Greg

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Dallas, Texas

Chinese. English. German

How to train a puppy

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omobolanle adedeji

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Dallas, Texas

The Bible

My translation of the Bible.

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Barwaqo Farah

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Dallas, Texas

Pro Somali speaker who can translate to Somali moms and dads.

Hi this is Barwaqo Farah and I’m a new translator and would like to meet new people and families to translate for. Magcayga waa Barwaaqo farah ina idin turjumano jaclan laha hadi maqul thy Oo dad bdn is barano.

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Find Professional Freelance Translators near Dallas

One of the best parts of filling roles for your translation project in a city like Dallas is the diverse talent at your fingertips. You have plentiful opportunities to find the right translator who can really dive into your dialect of choice.

Choosing a local translator who understands the culture of its residents can be a significant benefit to your project. For example, it can be helpful to have a translator who understands local sports to translate your documentary on one of the seven professional sports teams Dallas currently has. If you want to hire translation in Dallas, you first need to learn about the translators available.

All About Freelance Translators Near Dallas

Every certified translation in Dallas is different, but common qualities in services exist for Texan translators. You can also find unique qualities that make them the best solution for the specifics of your translation project.

Find translation services in the Dallas area with the skill set you need at Voices. Look beyond your local or existing networks and tap into our global community of professional freelance translators, whenever you need. With thousands of trusted talent at your fingertips, you have the flexibility to scale your creative teams on your terms, project‑by‑project.

Types of Freelance Translators Near Dallas

There are many different types of translation services in Dallas, Texas. Translation and interpretation while the person is speaking and recording overtop of the original language is called simultaneous translation or dubbing.

Voices helps you find freelance translators who can simultaneously interpret and translate high-quality audio for both business and creative projects.

Leaving the original language in the recording and adding breaks between the original and translated languages is called consecutive translation. It allows a professional translator more time to interpret the meaning and the words.

Freelance translators can take corporate documentation that needs to be translated and record it to audio for easier use by employees or other companies. Subtitling takes the audio and translates it into text which becomes the subtitles on the video.

Whether general or specialized, freelance translators available in the marketplace usually have different niches for different types of translation work. Finding a translator who specializes in technical documents may work better than one who usually dubs audio.

What to Consider When Hiring a Freelance Translator Near Dallas

Hiring a professional freelance translator for your project near Dallas has a wealth of benefits over translating yourself or using an automated program.

However, finding the right translator requires remembering a few key points when searching.

Is the person a native speaker of the language, or have they earned an education in that language? Ask the translator if they know the culture, which can help with understanding slang and idioms. A deep understanding of the language is essential on video translations where body language and cultural differences are more apparent.

Large projections like corporate documents and scientific papers might require a different translator than translating the audio of a podcast or television program.

Most languages have different local dialects that can make a big difference for your finished project and where you can send it to your target market. Spanish spoken in Mexico and Spain are two different dialects with different sets of rules and accents.

Using a professional translator assures your translated audio in Parisian French is the correct dialect for the market, ensuring the language makes a good impression the first time.

The cost of hiring a translator and your budget can vary depending on the project’s scope and the qualifications of the person translating.

The target language can also play a factor in the price. A 5-minute ad in Spanish, a common language in Dallas, will usually cost you less than an ad in the Greek language of the same length because Greek translators are less common than Spanish.

Choosing a freelance translator near Dallas should be straightforward. It can be a rewarding experience that shows your market you care about their culture. Check out our blog for more information about translators, or start browsing Dallas translators right away!

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