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Austen Moret

Los Angeles, California

Voice Over Demo Production + Mixing

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Miriam Olson

Los Angeles, California

Campbell University -- Broadcast Quality

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Charlotte Ann

Los Angeles, California

Mount Sinai Commercial

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Chris Kalhoon

Los Angeles, California

Podiarty Commercial

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Jennifer Cook Nice

LOS ANGELES, California

Ben and Jerry's Fairies and Arby's

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Beau Stephenson

Los Angeles, California

Regret and Nostalgia

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to hire an audio producer differs depending on the type of job. Freelance audio production rates depend on the project, scope, and usage.

You can hire an audio engineer as a freelancer for recording and engineering purposes. Freelance audio engineers typically have an in-home studio or use outside facilities.

Rates vary per project depending on the amount of work involved and level of experience. Posting a job on Voices with a fixed budget or price range in mind gives candidates the ability to provide quotes that enable you to narrow down your search.

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Find Professional Audio Production Freelancers Near Los Angeles

Audio production professionals handle all aspects of music and sound-related work on film sets, television programs, video games, commercials, and other multimedia productions.

All About Audio Production Freelancers Near Los Angeles

Audio producers are the creative minds behind sound recording, editing, mixing, and mastering.

Whether your project is large or small—from recording voice overs for an on-hold messaging system or sound design for a motion picture—you should hire an audio production freelancer with the talent and expertise needed to complete it on time and within budget.

Los Angeles is an excellent place to hire an audio producer because so many people in the city specialize in audio for movies and TV shows. This means you can hire a wide range of audio production freelancers in Los Angeles, from sound editors and mixers to full-time audio engineers.

Types of Audio Production Freelancers Near Los Angeles

Every project has unique needs, but there are several main types of audio producers you'll hire in Los Angeles:

Audio Editing: Audio editing is creating a clean and polished audio file from an original recording. You would need an editor to edit your video or podcast with consistent background noise levels, smooth transitions between scenes, and the right music track.

Audio Engineers: Audio engineers use equipment like microphones and mixers to capture sounds. It is the audio engineer's responsibility to blend sound from various audio sources in an appealing way.

Audio Mixing: Mixing is the process of manipulating individual tracks within a project to adjust the volume, sound, and other factors.

Foley Effects: Foley effects are realistic sounds that recreate everyday noise, like the sound of footsteps or ice cubes clinking in a glass.

Post Production: Post production is mixing and editing video/audio to create a project that is ready for public consumption.

Sound Design: Sound design is the creation of a unique soundscape in a production. For example, imagine a horror movie with spooky sounds when the killer is nearby. This would be part of the film’s sound design process.

What to Consider When Hiring an Audio Production Freelancer Near Los Angeles

First, determine your needs. What do you want the audio producer to accomplish? Will they be recording voice overs or mixing tracks for a new album? Do you need them to produce sound effects for your company's production?

Often, businesses hire freelancers to offer multiple services, so outline each need you have before hiring. Knowing this in advance will ensure that your hire is qualified, or whether you need to work with more than one professional to meet all your project’s requirements.

Next, research your candidates. Consider their experience level. Are there any past examples of their work you can review? Are they experienced with projects in your industry?

Finally, communication is vital when working together on projects, so hire someone who has excellent communication skills.

The Takeaway

Successful projects rely on high-quality sound. Hiring an audio production freelancer in Los Angeles is worth the effort for a successful multimedia project, and Voices makes it easy and hassle-free. Post your audio production job today!