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Profile photo for Glenn Boychuk

Glenn Boychuk

Omaha, Nebraska

Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, Cheech and Chong

Voice Over Animation + 14 More
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Profile photo for Bryan Olson

Bryan Olson

Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Crazy Redneck

Voice Over Animation + 19 More
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Profile photo for Angeli Fitch

Angeli Fitch

San Francisco, California

Angeli Fitch - Convenience Store

Voice Over Radio Ad + 21 More
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Profile photo for Elizabeth Saydah

Elizabeth Saydah

Los Angeles, California

TV Promo (Announcer, Snarky, Athletic, Friendly, Energetic, Confident)

Voice Over Television Ad + 21 More
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Profile photo for Zach Hoffman

Zach Hoffman

Nashville, Tennessee

Zach! Hoffman - Cartoon, Kid, Lazy, Tired

Voice Over Animation + 18 More
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Profile photo for Gordon Gibson

Gordon Gibson

Dallas, Texas

Casual Millenial Commercial

Voice Over Video Narration + 21 More
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Slacker Voices

The slacker is a character who routinely neglects his or her responsibilities. The slacker character is often unmotivated or unconcerned with the needs of others, or even his or her own needs. The slacker character often procrastinates, putting off work until later. The slacker character may participate in events and labours he or she is forced to partake in, but only perform the minimum level of work required to satisfy the rest of the group members. The slacker character is often laid back, not caring about the outcome of his or her inaction.

The slacker character usually spends his or her time hanging out with friends and enjoying himself or herself. The slacker character often laughs off any ridicule received on account of his or her laziness. The slacker character may also have little work ethic or discipline, and neglect his or her relationships, especially with family members and authority figures. The slacker character may be irreverent, telling jokes and interrupting others in times where one should focus or be silent.

The slacker character can be seen most often in comedy movies and television shows. The core elements of the slacker character are laziness, hedonistic tendencies and a self-centred attitude. By cultivating these traits, you, too, can voice a slacker character.